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Depressing means to have low spirits and sadness within you. Sadly, some people in the world are depressed for many different reasons. Adeline had a depressing early age and continued a depressing life. The novel, Chinese Cinderella by Yen Meh, is depressing. Adeline suffers through unfair treatment to children, stepmothers beating her and only a few people caring about her. During this novel, Adeline has many heartbreaking experiences through her life. “ The second floor is where your father and I, and your younger brother and sister, have our rooms. You are not allowed to enter any of our rooms on our floor without our permission” (Yen Mah 25) Niang and Father separate themselves from the stepchildren. It is lie that the stepchildren are maids while their own children are treated like royalty. “yet her children can order whatever they desire from, the kitchen at any hour of the day or night. We are suppose to eat only three meals a day” (44). This proves that Adeline’s parents favor some of their own children over their other children. Some children can get whatever they want while the step children suffer.…show more content…
“Her face suffused with rage, she slapped me. I felt dizzy and my ears hummed, but I continued to stare at her in silence” (102). Adeline tries to fit in with her family. Even though her fmily puts her down in every way possible. “ The fabric of my life was about to be torn apart. My heart heavy with the most excruciating pain. But he merely relooped the whip over his arm and walked out” (104). This is important because Adeline is young and her stepmother is beating her for no reason. Adeline’s stepmother and her Father forgot about her and leave her out. Obviously, Adeline has a tormented early life but success later in

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