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“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted”(Mother Teresa). In the autobiography, Chinese Cinderella, Adeline Yen Mah gets abused by her family emotionally and spiritually, she feels more comfortable with a different family taking care of her, and Adeline’s siblings blame her for their mother’s death. Through this rough journey, Adeline wonders why she is treated this way by her family. When Adeline moves into Niang’s house, everyone is against her and hurts her physically and emotionally. This hatred comes from Father, Niang, and her siblings. Adeline goes to a birthday party for Wu Chun-Mei without telling anyone and Niang finally finds out and slaps her for this behavior. The author states, “ ‘Why are you home so early, you sneaky little liar and where did you get this money?’ My silence was infuriating her. She took it as a personal insult, as if I were lying to provoke her. Her face suffused with rage, she slapped me. I felt dizzy and my ears hummed, but I…show more content…
She is given the same privileges as her other siblings and is treated equally with Aunt Riene and her family. The author states, “ At Night, I would finalize about being adopted by them, belong to them and going off with them forever, how wonderful life would be if I never faced Niang again!” This shows the reader that she loves being accompanied by her Aunt and cousins. She is then left out when Niang invites them to go to a family outing. Niang doesn't want Adeline to go, but Victor, Adeline's cousin, stays behind to keep her company. The author the states, “ ‘That's just the way it is! You either get in now and come with us, or you can stay home with her. Suit yourself.’ Niang exclaimed. ‘In that case I think I'll stay home and keep Adeline company’”. This proves that she is wanted by her siblings and she is honored with

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