Causes Of Noise Pollution

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Causes of noise pollution in Lahore city Submitted To : Dr.ShaheenPasha Submitted By: SabaPervaiz Class: Bed(Hons) Roll no: 18 Session: 2011__2015 PROJECT APPROVAL: The committee certifiy that this project forwarded by Saba Pervaiz is up to the standard and we here by approve it for its acceptance as a partial fulfillment for the award of Bed(hons). COMMITTEE: Supervisor:…show more content…
Transportation noise is Usually regulated by the relevant transportation ministry, health-related Work noise is often regulated by health ministries and worker's unions, Noise is described as an unwanted sound but this is subjective definition as one man’s sound may be another man’s noise.1 Physically there is no distinction between sound and noise. Sound is a sensory perception and the complex pattern of sound waves is labeled noise, music, speech etc. Environmental noise is a common cause of hearing loss in industrialized societies. When the noise exposure causing hearing loss is present in the workplace, it is referred to as occupational noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Community noise also called environmental noise, residential noise, or domestic noise is defined as noise emitted from all sources except noise at the industrial work place. Main sources of community noise include road, rail and air traffic. The main indoor noise sources are the ventilation systems, office machines, home appliances and…show more content…
Fireworks Dealing with noise from fireworks is difficult. It would be extremely hard to prove that fireworks are causing a nuisance for a number of reasons: •They are often short of duration • It is difficult to know where they are coming from For statutory nuisance to apply the noise must be prolonged or repeated. Fireworks are often not • If the occupiers of the same property repeatedly have fireworks then we may be able to act. Litreturareveiw GENERAL LAWS Following are a few general laws governing noise pollution. I. Pakistan Penal Code 1860 has two Sections dealing with noise pollution. Section 268 deals with Public Nuisance and Section 278 impose a fine of Rs.1500 on any person, who voluntarily vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the health of other person in

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