Shiva Natraja Analysis

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1) Title: Reflecttwo Page number: 119 Artist: Haruka Kojin Medium: Artificial flowers and acrylic, dimensions variable Date: 2006 • The dominate visuals that I point out from this very beautiful and colorful picture are: 1) Patterns of the petals of artificial flowers. 2) Perfect Symmetry of the artwork (Symmetrical Balance) • Organizing principles of design: 1) Brightly colored fabric petals from artificial flowers that produce some sense of disorientation by the use of the mirror effects. 2) With symmetrical balance, the imaginary straight line divides the composition into two that corresponds to the center of gravity. 3) Natural beauty arises from the unique arrangement of them. 4) The petal groupings are hung in depth, some forward,…show more content…
The confidence with which he stands straight. The theme must be regarding the boldness and brash shown in his nudity. 4. Title: Shiva Nataraja Artist: Unknown Page number: 10 Medium: Bronze, height 5 ¼ Date: 10th Century • The dominate visuals that I point out from this image are: 1) Sculptor of famous Hindu icon Shiva Nataraja 2) Shiva Nataraja dancing within the ring of flames 3) Four hands of Shiva Nataraja in different positions • Organizing principles of design: 1) Graceful form of Shiva where he is dancing within the flames. Each flame on the ring is identical showing the repetition within the piece. 2) Shiva’s right foot is standing strongly upon the backside of a dwarf. 3) The dwarf’s head is turned, as if he is looking towards Shiva. 4) There is jewelry on Shiva’s head, arms, neck and ankles. These are dominate because it shows him being a goddess for Hindus, the one graceful, strong and most powerful God. • Subject of this artwork is Shiva Nataraja that is an icon for Indians. He is a Goddess that is a creator, preserver and destroyer of this world according to Hindus. The theme is the Shiva’s dance within the flaming halo and his devotees can achieve salvation from worshipping…show more content…
Title: The Starry Night Artist: Vincent van Gough Page number: 10 Medium: Oil on canvas, 29 × 36 ¼ Date: 1889 • The visuals dominate in this image are: 1) Small village with an overwhelming night sky 2) Beautiful landscape 3) Impression of movement • Organizing the principles of design: 1) An overwhelming night sky painted with grey and blue. The crescent moon at the top right hand corner which radiates a brighter light as compared to the rest of the stars. 2) The swirling and flowing lines appearing in the background. 3) Tiny houses and buildings blended with the forest and mountains. No lights are on inside the houses so we assume everyone is sleeping and the sky with moon and stars are giving light to the whole village. These are dominate as they depict the nature and the quietness revolving around the village in a very beautiful way. • Subject of this image can be to show despite of so many stars and a moon the village is dark. Showing us about darkness and depression. The theme is to show beyond the representation of physical world in this

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