The Importance Of Noise Pollution

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Introduction: During my visit to London during the later months of 2016 I was shocked to witness the amount of traffic noise that was coming from the road near where I was staying. My parents own a house there, which was why I was there, to help renovate it. The reason for my observation was due to the new windows that had been erected on the front side of the house facing the road. Here you could clearly hear the intensity of the noise and I used the Sound App on my phone to find that it measured 55 decibels. It occurred to me that this kind of pollution can be destructive to health as at the end of 11th grade our topic for the group 4 project was the improvement scheme for the A7 motorway going through Hamburg. This was due to the disturbance…show more content…
In our world today, sound has become a normal part of our life, hearing people on the phone, pets barking, loud music, the television or distant traffic noise. All of this we are used to but research has determined that excessive noise can have negative effects on our health and the health of our environment. A big contributor to noise pollution is vehicles on the road; traffic noise. Improvement schemes have been organized for example on the A7 motorway in Hamburg. These schemes were organized to help reduce the unwanted noise that was being produced by all of the vehicles and the effect it was having on the living environment of adjacent communities. It is important to firstly look at the health effects that continuous noise disruption has on human health and the…show more content…
Continuous noise disturbance elevates stress hormones such as cortisol adrenaline and noradrenaline. Over time if these hormones are present in the blood they can lead to high blood pressure, strokes and heart failure. This can be especially dangerous as people become accustomed to the noise and don’t take notice of it. (c). Sleeping disorders: Noise pollution can also affect quality of sleep and sleeping patterns. This in turn can lead to fatigue or underperformance in work places. Getting a sound sleep is important for health and the way one performs during daily activities. 2. Effects on wildlife: Out of all things, wildlife is affected most by noise pollution as its way of life is significantly influenced by sounds. Wildlife develops a dependence on sounds as a necessity of survival. Wildlife may become disoriented and in some cases suffer hearing loss. Many animals rely on calls or sounds for mating and communicating. These natural processes are disrupted by traffic noise, airplanes and industrial noises, confusing them and changing their behavioural patterns. All of this may disrupt the balance of the eco-system. Not only mating processes can be affected, but also the wildlife’s ability to find a habitat, avoid predators, locate food and protect their

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