Missiones And Objectives Of St Tropez's Business Strategy

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1. Introduction 1.1. Aims and objectives The purpose of this report is to analyse St Tropez in terms of the entrepreneur that founded the company and also their company strategy. It looks at the missions and values of the company, the entrepreneur's inspirations behind the ideas and also the personality traits they possess. 1.2. Methodology Evidence for this report was found from various secondary sources including newspaper articles, documentaries, textbooks, interviews, the company website, web and mobile applications and reports. Of which were found both on the internet and also in paper form. Though limitations of using some of these sources can be relatively significant; for example, some newspapers may be bias and offer a limited perspective, or have political agendas. With interviews it can be difficult to analyse the data. Some information found within web and mobile applications may be found as unreliable. 2.…show more content…
Overview of the business 2.1. Missions and values of the business St Tropez is the number 1 self-tan brand globally and has won 85 awards worldwide. According to their mission statement, St Tropez aims to provide customers "with a complete product line of tanning essentials, which is unequaled in professional industry." They also "believe in quality, value and simplicity" and they are committed to building "long lasting relationships by doing business with honest and integrity..." 3. The entrepreneur 3.1. The launch of St

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