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Pollution has been present on Earth for a long time. It started getting worse and affecting even more the environment during the last decades. Many events were a huge mark on the evolution of pollution. After World War II, the materials produced caused the pollution to get much more serious. The synthetic materials produced have multiple problems, since they are toxic to the environment and they are not biodegradable, meaning that they will not deteriorate. ( As the population grew, the proliferation of bacteria also increased. New diseases appeared in the Middle ages, such as cholera and typhoid. Both of these diseases have as the main cause unsanitary conditions. People became aware about what were the effects of those conditions in the 1800s. Due to that, some cities created sewage systems, and controlled all of the unsanitary…show more content…
Each of them has a different cause and a different effect on the environment. These types of pollution include air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, and light pollution. ( Air pollution Air pollution is the most dangerous type of pollution. It is present on Earth due to the mixture of small solid particles and gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. These particles and gases are emitted mostly by cars, factories and also by the combustion of fossil fuels. In cities where there are a lot of factories or cars there is something called smog. Smog is one type of visible type of air pollution. ( Smog is “ a fog made heavier and darker by smoke and chemical fumes.” (Merriam Webster). Many problems are caused by Air pollution. It can have an effect on the human being’s health and also in the environment. Heart diseases and lung diseases can be caused by the inhaling of the pollutants, which many times can be

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