Business Process Management Case Study

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Business Process Management Projects in Automotive Industry: Why Business Process Management projects are implemented in Manufacturing Industries? Every company’s main moto is to improve the way it does business, which includes producing things more effectively and efficiently with quality for the purpose of making great profits. Now a days non-profit organizations are also focusing on achieving efficiency, productivity, and the goals, that they set for themselves. Each and every project manager should understood that they should achieve the goals of the company or the organization is the part of their job. Considering the management in an automobile manufacturing industry. The first internal-combustion engine for the automobiles was produced…show more content…
From this we can clearly say that how Henry Ford had thought deeply about the way the manufacturing process should work and he has a very clear idea and plans on how to improve the overall efficiency of the process. By organizing the groups and activities in the process he made the manufacturing process in low cost with high quality. As a result of doing all these activities and processes he made the manufacturing process which is easy to adapt and provides high quality in low cost. This move made Henry ford to produce cars in low cost that leads most of the middle-class American to own a car. Because of this as a direct result of increase in the productivity of the manufacturing process made ford to pay his workers more than any other manufacturers in the world. Within a short span of time Ford's new approach become popular and it becomes the trend setter in the auto mobile manufacturing industry, and fords approach to change in the manufacturing process made him to achieve success and made the company as the leader in automobile manufacturing. Ford's success in the manufacturing process is the best example of the power of innovation and process improvement in the field of manufacturing. There are lot of other examples as well that can be drawn…show more content…
But of course they all have other responsibilities as well, but one of the important responsibility of a project manager is to implement new business process to the organization and to continuously observe the business processes by which the company produces products and services and should upgrade them continuously according to the business environment to make sure that the process remains effective and efficient for achieving the goals of the company. Some of the business process gurus have argued that the crash programs in the processes involves major changes. In this case the business gurus had argued that in day to day life managers are capable of doing what Henry Ford did when he created the moving production line, but this won’t be suitable for all the cases, each and every business process has its own identity and own set of problems, so the managers should be capable of finding the best solution and the exact fit for the business process in the organization. Today's managers are fully equipped with the technology, so that they can often use computers to automate processes and achieve the goals with major gains in

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