Argumentative Essay: Why Bronx Should Care About Solar Energy

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Imagine living in an apartment and not having to pay the light bill, this will happen if you use solar energy to produce electricity. The Bronx should care about solar energy because it will stop the air pollution and no more fossil fuels will be burned, also solar energy is a renewable source which would last more than the fossil fuels being burned in order to produce electricity. Using this alternative resource would be the best for the Bronx because no pollution would be produced and the green houses won't make the global warming. Solar energy would be a good idea to use in the Bronx because it won't cause air pollution and we are using the sun to make free electricity to use in homes and apartments, also the sun is out almost the whole time the sun is out and their would me more electricity made. Solar energy is a completely renewable source. This is because the sun rays are not depleted when it is being used and it can be resumed. The Sun is always up, however, what blocks it is…show more content…
Pollution is very harmful to our planet and it causes global warming. Solar energy is better than using oil since oil has harmful effects. According to Solar Power- Advantages And Disadvantages it states, “ This is perhaps the most important advantage that makes solar energy so much more practical than oil. Oil burning releases harmful greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide into our precious air.” This advantage is one of the most important and it brings solar energy to the top as the most obvious choice for the Bronx to use as an alternative source. Pollution harms the planet so why try to get another source that is “the best alternative source” when it harms the planet and causes pollution and harms the poor polar bears? Therefore, solar energy produces no pollution which is an advantage for the betterment of our planet. Although, this is the best choice for the bronx, many people argue

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