Benefits Of Gap Year Essay

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Although making a decision to specialize in a particular field is not simple, it plays an integral part in every single person’s life. It is said that “One false step leads to another”, so choosing a career should be taken into consideration to minimize failure in the future. Some, therefore, claim that students should have a so-called “gap year” to explore the world in lieu of attending university at once subsequent to graduation. As a matter of fact, this notion is reasonable as taking a year off offers students favourable opportunities to develop self- reflection, fulfil market’s demands, and gain invaluable experience. First and foremost, taking a gap year assists young generation in understanding themselves better. That is to say, it creates golden opportunities for self-exploration in pursuit of their dreams, passion and personalities which are hard to figure out when they were at school. Thanks to the discoveries, youngsters may hold proper understanding which helps them possess clear goals to strive towards. It is also claimed that upon having a myriad of motivations and enthusiasm, students can easily get ahead in their academia. Bob Clagett’s…show more content…
During the time off, they can accumulate job experience by asking predecessors’ advice and useful tips on how to pay off or being engaged in part-time jobs pertaining to their future career. Specifically, accordance with American Gap Association, the vast majority of graduates taking a year off (88%) report that their gap year was extremely helpful for their employability. Also, it is apparent that students may turn over a new leaf through experiences. Generally, they attribute their changes of mind to journeys and life lessons. A good illustration is that teenagers will hold more sober viewpoints and get rid of rebellious behaviors after going through hardships and tasting the spice of

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