Disadvantages Of Qualitative Research

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I am using the qualitative method for my research, because I will be able to analyze the minorities and to learn and gather information about their stress that is conveyed through their interactions, behavior and language while being in their natural setting. Advantages of using the qualitative method is that I can use my creativity to analyze and gather information, I can creatively find a way to blend into the environment and analyze participants of the study. I also can use creativity to encourage responses from the participants to freely express themselves and to be authentic, from this the data will be more accurate and will lead to a better outcome. Another advantage would be being that if I am not getting results from the available data,…show more content…
Having a individual perspective, can lead me to covering what I believe is important but others may not, for example, I could focus on how minorities are greeted by the clerk at a store and relate it to weather or not they are being discriminated and if it leads to stress in their life, while someone may see this and think it's irrelevant because the store clerk may treat everyone like that. One more disadvantage would be that I don’t have a great amount of expertise on this subject or in analyzing or gathering information in a research study. I also don’t have a high expertise in studying minorities or high expertise in studying stress or mental health. My expertise in the field in very minimal. In the Harrisonburg area there are a large amount of minorities and going to a university you encounter and interact with minorities on a daily basis. I’m also from a big city where I’ve been around large diverse groups and know how to blend in to social environments. I also took a class on mental health and understand the basics of life stressors that are commonly found that lead to mental health issues. There are some ethical considerations in my research, one being able to have access to locations for analysis such as the local food maxx in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Another possible ethical considerations would be the voluntary participation of minorities to allow me to interview them and allow…show more content…
I will be interviewing a total of 10 people throughout this research process. Interview questions will ask about stress and your mental health, Examples of interview questions are, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 of how stressed you are? (1 being not stressed, 10 being extremely stressed). What environment causes most stress in your life? (Work, Home (Family), Social life, Other). Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 of how is your mental health? (1 being no problems, 10 being extremely problematic). On a scale of 1 to 10 of how much has your stress (If you have any) had an impact on your mental health? (1 being no impact, 10 being large

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