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Inclusion does not have a proper definition that may be agreed by all, to some Inclusion is distinguishing our common “unity” and interdependence. And to some Inclusion is identifying that we are “one” despite the face that we are not the “same”. Inclusion also may mean battling against exclusion and the greater part all of the social diseases exclusion gives birth to – i.e. sexism, racism, handicaps, and so forth (Asante, 1995). However, a child is by all account not the only person that the issue of inclusion influences, indeed, inclusion is a political coliseum with numerous members involved in the whole setting. Other members may include guardians, educators, the Government, and disability groups policymakers that may contradict each…show more content…
To what extent and how do they judge on the SEN children, that who is more appropriate than the other to a mainstream school as inclusive education purposes to integrate all students in the classroom settings, whether or not they have any disabilities. Inclusion requires the most severe educational and behavioral supports and services to be successful in regular classes and the elimination of special segregated classes. However, even if some SEN children from that school would go to normal mainstream schools for continuing their education, the mainstream schools would not have specialized services such as speech therapies, visual training or other services which such special schools could be able to serve. As the visual trainings in the school I visited provided suitable training activity designed training background, they matched natural environment in hoping that children can learn and build up visual strategies under suitable backgrounds and also in hope to establish good visual habit for children. However, after transferring to a local mainstream school, such trainings could not be achieved as they required costly resources and specialized teachers in training, hence mainstream schools do not spend on particular students in the school, thus inclusion becoming a

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