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In the process of growing up everyone tries to find the path of life. But when we reach life’s traffic lights of choices a lot of people find it difficult to make the choice of how the rest of their life will turn out. This can lead them to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to escape from life’s decisions. In the short story A Gap of Sky from 2008 written by Anna Hope, the young girl Ellie struggles to find her path of life. But can a walk through the streets of London help her figure out what she wants to do with her life? The story is told by a third-person narrator and it is from the protagonists, the nineteen-year-old Ellie’s, point of view. The story is with the narrative technique a stream of consciousness. That’s why the reader through the entire story are inside Ellie’s mind and follows her stream of thoughts. This affects the readers sense of time, because they can feel like the story is told over a long period of time, even though it’s only takes one hour and teen minutes from when Ellie wakes up, till she decides to go home and write the essay. Is story is told with a lot of…show more content…
A Gap of Sky is influenced by Virginia Wolff’s famous story Mrs. Dalloway that was the first novel using the narrative technique a stream of consciousness. Like Hope’s story Mrs. Dalloway takes place in a single day where the high-society lady Mrs. Dalloway is walking around in post-world war one London, searching for flowers to a party she is hosting, just like Ellie who is walking around in London searching for printer ink. On her walk Mrs. Dalloway is thinking about her past and about the decisions she made earlier on. Mrs. Dalloway was a victim to the conventions of the time in the 1920’s, like Ellie is a victim of the postmodern society. Hope is therefore trying to create our times Mrs. Dalloway. Hope is influenced by Virginia Wolff and her story about Mrs. Dalloway, that’s why she uses

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