Importance Of Formative Assessment

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counts in a classroom is not what the teacher teaches; it’s what the learner learns” (Kohn, 2006, 26). Assessment is essential for measuring student’s success within the classroom, but it needs to change if student learning is to be the top priority. To ensure student learning is prioritized in my classroom I will implement formative assessment frequently and allow it to inform how I teach my lessons. When providing summative assessment, offering choice for students to explore their creativity and conferencing with them as the progress will reinforce the students power in the assessment process as well as their overall learning. Through consistence and persistence, students will inform my assessment practice, and I will be adaptable to allow…show more content…
Students receive quality feedback about their progress frequently and teachers gain a better understanding of student learning. Furthermore, formative assessment can be as simple as observing a student’s abilities or using a checklist for important skills. As Herbst and Davies stated, we can change our outlook on assessments when we use what students say, do, and create as evidence of learning opposed to the restricting it to large summative assignment (2014). Consequently, formative assessment only works when the information gained from the assessment informs further teaching and learning. This requires thorough planning on the teacher’s behalf to make sure their assessments are reliable and valid to best help students (Herbst & Davies, 2014). I plan to apply formative assessment often and ensure the information gained will benefit students at all learning…show more content…
It cannot be forgotten after the tests are written or assignments are passed in. Furthermore, we cannot leave students behind when the tests and assignments are finished. The focus needs to be on learning for all students, not just the ones that get it the first time around. Interventions need to be in place to help students become successful in the classroom. This could include opportunities to rewrite tests, assignments, and acceptance of late assignments. Students should never reach a place they cannot return from. This is one reason why averaging grades may not be the best scenario and conferencing throughout the year is so beneficial. Learning is not a one and done event, and neither should be

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