Kidney Sale Case Study

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1. Introduction The term “market” is a concept in which the human being is engaged with frequently. Mar-kets are present for centuries, even before the invention of agriculture. Without these mar-kets, economics would not have a frame nor a point where transactions can be made possible. This present-day, there is a variety of markets. Markets can be compared with languages, considering that there are many different kinds and ways in which they are spoken. There is one particular type of market that is exceptional or unique in comparison to the other mar¬kets. This form of market is called a matching market. Matching markets can be character¬ized as markets that cannot be entered by preference (Roth, 2007). In these specific markets, the individual…show more content…
This transaction is only made within this type of market because of immunological incompatibility. This means that the organ has to fit the person’s conditions. Nonetheless, this sort of transaction is illegal and goes against the will of nature (Roth, 2007). The sales of kidneys are banned by law and thus they are called repugnant transactions. This essay argues in favor of the ban of kidney selling. It would be unwise to legalize the sales of kidneys as it is harmful for the people and the economy as a…show more content…
First of all, dwarf tossing is the act in which a large person throws a small person. The occasion was or is sometimes still served with alcohol. Nowadays, dwarf-tossing is legal in some places. Although, it is banned by law in certain countries. The activity is outlawed since the 80’s. This type of unusual regulation is a special matter. Lots of people agreed with the fact that maybe it would be better to repeal the dwarf-tossing ban. Large people and small people agreed with this statement since it is a way to create more jobs. Why prevent dwarfs from getting jobs? Why avoid gainful employment? Unemployment rolls continue to climb and more and more people lose their job. This example illustrates the fact that the prohibition on certain things, is most of the time for good purposes but can still have big economical

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