Essay On Poor Nations

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It is really hard to imagine people dying from extreme hunger and poverty in 21st century Korea, or any other developed countries. However, in this “world of plenty,” number of people dying or suffering from hunger and malnutrition diseases is actually staggering. According to World Bank estimates, over 1 billion people in the world, meaning that over one quarter of the world’s population, is living in “extreme poverty.” Extreme poverty means “poverty that kills.” Today, 20,000 people will starve to death, and the day after tomorrow, another 20,000 will die. While there are nations whose citizens have a stable or even affluent life with best health care system, education, and many other ___, there are many poor nations whose citizens are living…show more content…
They say “our moral duty is always to act in ways that will maximize human happiness and minimize human suffering,” and helping poor nations will not alleviate the suffering but it will aggravate the situation in the long run. Nations that are poor mostly have high birthrates. One report says that “more than 90% of the world’s total population grown between now and 2025 will occur in developing countries.” Aiding such countries will only result in increasing the number of poor people and could place even greater demands on world’s limited food supply. The increase in demands on the limited food supply will threaten the survival of future generations of all rich and poor people. Some other people insists that even in the short-run, aiding poor nations can bring little benefit because aid sent to poor nations rarely accomplishes what it was intended to accomplish.. It is common that billions of dollars of aid goes into corrupt governments or inefficient administration. Furthermore, giving aid to poor countries can lead them to depend too much on aid rather than become self-sufficient. For example, as a result of aid, many countries, such as Haiti, Sudan, and Zaire, have become aid dependent. All of these factors seem to not maximizing human happiness and minimize human
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