Essay On Becoming An Adult

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When do you become an Adult Adulthood is considered to come when a child reaches a certain age number, however adulthood isn’t just a number it is maturity of mind and the ability to make good decisions. In different countries adulthood comes in different forms. Different children are exposed to different kinds of environment. When a child is young to be he’s treated determines the child’s mental growth. For example, if a child is brought up in a strict environment the child will learn how to deceive people as well as his own parents. If a child is brought up in a harsh environment in which he is punished and abused regularly the child will in turn grow up and do the same thing to the people around him. If a child is given family responsibilities at a young age for example having to earn the bread and butter for his family as a result the child will mature at a younger age as he has already been exposed to the realities of life. The battle to earn money , to support siblings, to experience the passing away of a loved one , to be exposed to abuse, to be caught in financial insecurities, all make us mature before our time.…show more content…
You are braver and stronger as you know your strengths and weaknesses. You become polite and kinds as you are able to respect others and value them. You get rid of all the negativity inside of you as you are confident of who you are and what matters the most to you. Being an adult does not mean that you are locking yourself in a 9 to 5 job and nor it does not mean that you have everything figured out as adulthood is a journey of strength and self-empowerment. Being an adult means who you are. It means experiencing and appreciating the aspects of life you learned were worth your efforts. So cherish this wonderful
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