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Charter vs. Public If a child is placed into a Charter School System, then their overall academic performance will increase versus if they were placed into a Public School System, their test scores will increase, blacks have more opportunity to succeed, and students are given more opportunities to become successful in class with one on one opportunities with their teacher. “Charter schools are public schools that operate to a certain extent, outside the system. They have more control over their teachers, curriculum, and resources….” (Gallagher) . In the above quote, Maggie Gallagher, an author gives praise to charter schools and list examples of how they are great institutions. Charter schools are growing quickly in America and are constantly compared and contrasted with public…show more content…
This ties into the second reason as to why charter schools are that much greater than public schools. According to the National Charter School Study by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University, these specific students are beyond exceeding those in traditional schools; specifically in the math and reading subjects. African-American students living in poverty are benefiting even more than they were four years ago. The fact that charter schools are independent institutions and can establish their own curriculum makes a huge difference in how minorities are performing. More studies and trends are showing how out of all the types of schools and teaching styles, charter schools provide the best educational system for African-Americans and other minorities all across the United States of America. Researchers have also found that charter schools placed in more urban city environments are allowing African-American and other minorities a greater chance at achieving success versus a public school placed in the urban

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