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Athletic Training Athletic training falls under sports medicine along with physical therapists, nutritionists, and even massage therapists. Each ensure a healthy, safe, and maximal sport performance. Athletic trainers prevent injuries, detect injuries, and rehabilitation of sport injuries. With all three preventions athletic trainers spend the most time with athletes. () Athletic training goes back to ancient Grease where athletes were a very important part of their culture. People call athletic trainers paidotribes and aleittes which means flexibility is a major role in sport performance. Back then diet, rest, & exercise was big for trainers. As sport became more popular in society in late 19th century, not many seen how important medical…show more content…
In 1869, the Princeton and Rutgers introduced football to America, when 18 deaths and 159 serious injuries occurred the president at the time was tempting to abolish football. This lead to athletic trainers. Early trainers mainly were responsible for giving out water, massages and being team manager. They worked independently and never shared thoughts. Soon after 1932 it was important to know about the treatment and care of minor injuries. Thanks to Samuel E. Bilik. Samuel graduated from the University of Illinois in 1914 with just a degree in P.E. His next step was medical school. Illini hired him to be a part time athletic trainer, that’s is what changed things. His first book “Athletic Training” two years later and soon started teaching serious summer courses for athletic training. In order to understand Athletic training one must understand the roles and education of an athletic trainer, laws that they follow, and…show more content…
Beginning with tape. Corrective tape is used to “correct” wounds. Kinesio tape is cloth based, it has grooves that press down onto an injury, and elastics in it that allow a person to control how much it stretches. It can support muscles, effect lymph function, also to correct joints and decrease pain. This tape may come in pre-cut stripes. Unlike most tapes this tape can be worn for 3-4 days as long as there is not irritation. () Pre-taping under wrap is a thin lightweight foam material that is applied to the skin prior to taping for added comfort. Pre-tape stops irritation when the ankle, knee, wrist or hand is being taped. () This tape is used for compression, light support, or just to cover other athletic tapes. Coban and lightplast. Cotton/spandex tapes that give elasticity with minimum support. Coban is self-adhesive but doesn’t stick to skin, used a lot for athletes playing sand sports. Often put on top of zinc oxide tapes, these types dry out in sand and come off. Its self-adhesive tapes forms around the joint and the tape underneath gets more support from it. Used for ankles mostly. Lightplast sticks to the skin and gives light elastic support. Both are good with wrists, elbows, and hands when light pressure is needed. It is removed the same day. () Water-proof tape (wet-proof tape). This is a flexible tape, water proof and washable. It has special components to stick to the body area even

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