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The American Dream The definition of The American Dream is “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” The play Fences by August Wilson capitalizes on the seemingly unachievable American Dream. Troy, the main character, comes short of a dream at several points during the play. Just as Troy is finally getting his life together after getting out of prison, everything falls apart. Unable to live out any of his dreams, Troy becomes bitter man sending him further into self destruction. Fences captures the true essence of The American Dream through the failures in Troy’s life. Wilson uses the unequal treatment of African Americans to contrast…show more content…
When Troy’s son is recruited to play football, Troy bitterly is against Cory’s opportunity. Troy argues that a white man is not going to let Cory go anywhere in sports, and points out that even though Troy was a good baseball player, he is still poor. Soon, Troy’s son from another marriage visits only to ask for ten dollars. Following that day, Troy is found playing the lottery. Money, or lack thereof, is a big driving force to wanting to achieve the American Dream, and Troy never seems to have…show more content…
In a fit of jealousy, Troy prevents Cory from playing football. Troy also loses Bono, and his mistress dies in labor. Rose also leaves Troy. Troy is unaware of the fact he is his own enemy. Troy continues to blame his color, which was a small factor in his downfall, and everyone else around him. Troy is unaware of his own self destruction, simply because he could not have The American Dream. "Troy's survival at this point in the play is based upon complete oblivion to the very causal links that have cast him the villain that he is."2 Troy ironically becomes his own

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