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Nick Stein Mrs. Toews English 1 29 April 2015 Athletic Trainer I used to wake up everyday with a quandary, not knowing what I wanted to do. Well how would you like to wake up everyday and be challenged by something different everyday. I aspire to be an athletic trainer. Well with being an Athletic Trainer that is something that can be fun but bad at the same time; Fun because you don’t get used to doing the same boring thing every day but sad because you can see players get severely injured. The career that I’m interested in is Athletic trainer. It is someone who evaluates and advises individuals to assist recovery from or avoid athletic related injuries or illnesses they may provide emergency care. Something that I’m interested in is all…show more content…
It has been in the United States since 1881 when a man by the name of Ben Robinson was hired by harvard with the title Athletic Trainer. The term athletic trainer was used then to train athletes for conditioning. Then in 1938 The National Athletic Trainer’s Association was founded. It is now implemented in many universities. Mike murphy was a legend when it came to developing talent into olympians. Mike was considered one of the premier athletic trainers of his time. He trained athletes for the Paris London and Stockholm olympics. He was successful because he was innovative. He is best known for creating the crouch start in track and…show more content…
I would have to major in either kinesiology and exercise science or physical fitness technician both need strong anatomy and biology backgrounds. University of Iowa has a great reputation for having a strong medical school. They offer many majors in my prefered area and are a great choice. I would have to take many anatomy and biology classes to get my masters. It could take as long as 6-8 years to complete all of my schooling and other opportunities that I may be interested in later on. Sports medicine and Sports coach are very similar to athletic trainer. For a while I vacillated between sports medicine or Athletic training. Sports medicine is very similar in the classes that I would have to take but would probably take up to 10 years to complete schooling, but the salary is much higher. Sports medicine was one of my interests; however, I feel like being an athletic trainer is a better experience with more to offer. Sports coach would take much less time to complete schooling and the salary is decreased. I would have to be older to become a coach for a summer but that is something that I think would be a neat experience. I would need a high level reading comprehension, active listening and writing. I would need a medium level speaking, math, science, and learning

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