Moon Landing Persuasive Essay

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Moon Landings Have you ever consider if moon Landings were real or not. If the moon Landings weren’t real how would we know about the other planets we are now studying in science class. There are many things that say moon landings aren’t real, do you believe that? Today I’m going to tell you how Moon Landings are real. My opinion is that moon landings are real. Why I think this because if we didn’t know about the other planets that exist today what would we learn in science class? If the Moon landings were faked why would we even have NASA for? Also if you were to go to a museum you would find parts of the moon that was brought to Earth from the Astronauts. One reason is that John F Kennedy had promised to get a man on the moon. Do you think a President would lie to the entire World? Second reason is that astronauts had left mirrors on the moon and was shoot was with red lasers in the sky up to the mirrors on the moon. Why would you think the scientist at NASA would do this, they did this so they could track whatever was happening on the moon. The Third reason is that even Japan had sent a satellite to take pictures of the tracks from the moon made by the Lunar’s Buggy. Why would you think Japan had did this? The reason Japan did this was because…show more content…
Do you think 400,000 could lie about this, if they could it wouldn’t all be that same lies, they all would be different stories of what actually had happened. If 400,000 didn’t lie then you would think NASA would pay them to keep their mouths shut, but really someone could open their mouth and tell someone and NASA couldn’t really do anything about it. Another example is that some people think 400,000 people lied because NASA had threatened to kill them. Do you really think that NASA had threatened them, if they did someone would eventually tell the police or the

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