Athletic Training Research Paper

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Athletic trainers are more than just people who can tell you if you have an injury or not. They can recognize the injury, and tell you what you can do to get better. Athletic trainers are highly qualified professionals that are trained in helping to prevent, recognize, and recovering injuries. These injuries are usually caused by physical activity. Athletic trainers work with athletes of all ages, they help to prevent and repair an injurie. Athletic trainers are found in many colleges, schools, sports medicine clinics, and on professional sports teams. On professional sports teams athletic trainers work year round with male and female professional sports teams, such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. In high schools athletic trainers work to prevent and treat athletes injuries. Most injuries occur during practice, or some kind of meet or game. Athletic trainers who work for professional sports team are usually the ones who work the most hours. When they are working at training camps, practices or competitions, athletic trainers can work up to 12 hours a day. In medicine clinics athletic trainers work with providing treatment and recovery. In colleges they cover practice sessions and home and away…show more content…
They involve the tearing or stretching of tissue. Sprains occur to the ligaments while strains occur in the muscles or tendons. Many people don’t think strains or sprains are that big of a deal, but they are a huge deal. Strained muscles usually occur from too much use of a muscles, which can tear muscles fibers and cause pain. A strain is not the same as a sprain, which happens when you injure a joint such as an elbow or ankle. When a muscle is injured athletic trainers can often look at it, and have an idea of what’s wrong without actually having to send you to a doctor. If after a few days they can’t help you anymore, and you are still in pain they will send you to a

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