Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Lord of the flies How does Golding develop the theme, within everyone's core there is evil? I believe that everyone does have an evil side and a good side, granted that a lot of people don't show one or the other. This thesis comes in a couple of time in Lord Of The Flies. Jack, one of the main characters has supported this thesis multiple times throughout the story. He shows that even a little twelve year old there can still be evil. Ralp even has some evil in him, when he goes off and breaks Piggy and his promise and tells everyone his nickname. Throughout the story you tend to forget that these guys are twelve years and younger, because some of the things they do we can't imagine a little kid doing it. Sometimes when you're not trying to be a bad guy it can seem like you are, even if you think it was okay do or to say others might not see it that way. “ They call me piggy” (Golding 11). This was important to piggy that he would never be called piggy again. Ralph, destroyed some of that trust with piggy because he wanted know one to know about his nickname, and the first words Ralph said to the others was exactly what Piggy asked him not to. This could be a sign of more evilness in the…show more content…
“kill the beast, cut his throat, spill his blood,” (Golding 152). Throughout the book really the only thing that's on Jack's mind was killing the pig. I think this could be be part of the reason why Jack was so headstrong about killing towards the end. “ Piggy and Ralph Under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take a place in his demented but partly secure society” (Golding 152). This dance that Jack put together fueled all the boys to kill Simon. I think that deep inside Jack really knew what he was doing, and knew that he was going to try to kill Simon. Jack has completely lost his
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