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My Chemistry topic that I choose is Athletic Training. There is many things that they do and what they have to learn. It is amazing how they can help athletes before, during, and after the games. But, they spend a lot of hours at school treating people. They help prevent injuries and treat them. They are a big help in sports. An Athletic Trainer are high qualified health professionals who are trained for preventing, recognizing and rehabilitating injuries. They help players get wrap on their ankles, wrists and anything else that needs more support. They help athletes exercise with greater safety so they do not pull a muscle. Athletic Trainers show injured players safe work outs for them so they do not injured more. To become…show more content…
They just do not work at schools. They work in their local hospital emergency rooms and rehab clinics. Also, work with the law enforcement and the military. They work with the military to make sure that they are staying fit and also healthy. When Athletic Trainers work with the schools, they do about forty to fifty hours a week. Plus those hours does not include them going with the teams to travel. Some Athletic Trainers that work in the hospitals may spend part of their time at other locations doing outreach services. They usually go to high schools and colleges to speak with them about how to stay safe during and before their games. Also when they practice, they tell them how to make sure you are stretching okay so they do not pull…show more content…
They educate the players on how to reduce their risk for injuries by explaining them on the proper use of equipment. They help them so they do not pull a muscle because we all know that is very painful. They show them the proper exercises to improve their balance and strength. Also home exercises to do at home if they injured themselves at a game or at practice. Or suggest them to go therapy programs to work on their muscles a little bit more so they get stronger. Before games or practices, they apply protective or injury preventive devices on parts of their body that needs more support or that hurts. They put tape, bandages, and braces on the parts on their body. For example, if their wrist needs to get wrap, they wrap tape around about five times so it has a strong support. Athletic Trainers can help the athlete’s achieve specific goals. And how to perform those activities correctly. They study many different types of exercises to determine which ones will results on a specific muscles. Also to determine the best type of training to achieve the athlete’s desire results for example if they want to become stronger. While playing a sport, there is a chance you can get hurt. There is common sport injuries that people get while playing. People can experience neck injuries. Upper and lower back injuries which wrestlers, football players, and cheer. Also on their arm, elbow, hand, ankle, knee, and foot. Every single sport and

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