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I decided to do my essay on athletic training. The reason I picked athletic training is because I love helping people and sports. If you are an athletic trainer you can get into pro or college games for free. To be an athletic trainer you have to know many body parts, any shape or size you have to know it. Athletic trainer is the most important person on the football field or other court or field. If your best player on your team gets hurt, a athletic trainer is the one to heal them and get him/her back out there. Athletic trainer knows when to get them back out there or keep them on the sideline, to keep them safe ( "Athletic Training." |. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2014). Athletic trainers help athletes stay healthy and prevent from having injuries. They work with injured athletes to get back into competitive shape. Athletic trainers recommend running, stretching, weight lifting, and other exercises,to help athletes stay in good condition and make their bodies stronger.They also report the progress of recovering athletes to coaches and physicians. They care for injuries using physical therapy…show more content…
To become an athletic trainer has to take the Board of Certification exam (BOC), to test your knowledge to see if you're good for the job. Athletic trainers programs cover many health care- related areas, including pharmacology acute care, and pathology. Also the minimum requirement for most athletic trainers is having a bachelor’s degree. If you want to be an athletic trainer, you don’t have to worry about what the college has athletic training. There’s lots of universities and colleges that have athletic training, like Alabama, Oregon, Delaware, and North Carolina and more. To become an athletic trainer you have to know Biology because you got to have the knowledge of plant, animals, and living organisms. ("Get Certified." |. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Nov.

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