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When one thinks of athletic training, the first meaning that comes to mind is: “Athletic training is the practice of physical conditioning and reconditioning of athletes and prevention of injuries incurred by them. People that know the subject really well might not consider that the true definition. Most people know the basics definition of athletic training. To be an Athletic Trainer, one has to be reliable, flexible, cooperative, and knowledgeable. First, if one wants to be an athletic trainer, one must be reliable. Being reliable is a big task when one is an athletic trainer. One always has to be in the training room on time. Not only that, but one might have to stay after their shift is done to help clean up. Most people have…show more content…
I am not talking about being physically flexible. One must be flexible with his or her schedule. A student or adult’s schedule always might change. The team might decide to practice in a different place. Or even the athlete might have to end up going somewhere, on the time he or she was suppose to meet with one. One has to work around the athlete's schedule, not just one’s own schedule. Third, if one wants to be an athletic trainer, one must be cooperative. The trainer must be able to work with all kinds of student athletes. A trainer must be able to work with males and females. They must do what is said and not argue with them. The athletes will try and take control of the trainer, but the trainer has to know where the line must end. Fourth, if one wants to be an athletic trainer one must be knowledgeable. One must know when the athlete has an injury in a spot, to do the best thing to cure it. One must also know every type of tape job, and which one is best for the time being. When one takes anatomy or physiology, one must not forget any of it. It is important to understand the concepts of the body. Without being knowledgeable, one might end up hurting the athlete instead of helping or curing the

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