Athletic Training Research Paper

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Athletic trainers are health care professionals that work in any field related to performance enhancing and injury prevention. Athletic trainers, field of practice varies from military, NASCAR, law enforcement, and rehabilitation centers. Though, athletic trainer’s field of practice is broad and in high demand clinics and hospitals employ 40% of all athletic trainers (). Though, Athletic trainers have been trained to treat and diagnose injuries they still work under the direction of a physician. Some of the services provided by athletic trainers are to prevent injuries, manage injuries, provide emergency care, diagnose injuries, rehabilitate injuries, and coordinate care with a physician. Often times, many people confuse athletic trainers to personal trainers, but the major difference is athletic trainers treat, prevent, and recognize injuries, while personal trainers monitor, and change individual’s exercise program. Education is also another difference between these two occupations, because personal trainer’s can become certified through numerous organizations varying in requirements, but athletic trainers must at a minimum have a bachelor’s degree and become board certified. Traditionally, athletic trainers are normally found on the sideline of sporting competitions for high schools, colleges, or professional sports teams. Since, physicians are not normally present at every sporting event, the athletic trainer’s provide the link between the athlete and physician, because they are usually the first one to…show more content…
A sports medicine team’s main goals are to improve athletic performance, injury rehabilitation and/or injury prevention. Asports medicine team usually consists a physician, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, and kinesiotherapists. All these different occupations within the team helps the athlete expedite recovery of an injury and help increase athletic

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