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Athletic trainers may not be recognized a lot like other health care providers, but it is a highly educated and skilled profession. An athletic trainer works under the direction of a licensed physician, they also assist with other healthcare professionals and sports team members. Athletic trainers are skilled in 5 areas; prevention of athletic injury, recognition, evaluation and immediate care of athletic injuries, healthcare administrators, professional development and responsibility. An athletic trainer can work for high schools, colleges, universities, professional sports team, for the military, as a physician extender, and in the performing arts. They overwork and are underpaid when compared to other medical professionals. Trainers…show more content…
When someone in a sporting event goes down, the athletic trainer is the first one to their side observing their injury and making the choice of whether they are good to stay in the game, need bracing or taping, or need to be referred out for further medical therapy. You do need to graduate from a bachelors or master’s degree accredited by the commission which is organized to athletic training. You also have to shadow an athletic trainer for certain hours as a grade. You must complete a series of milestones before being capable of athletic training duties. One must pass formal instructional classes in the field. You then must complete the NATABOC exam, this exam is a three part exam that is required to pass in order to be permitted to work as an athletic trainer. Once they pass this exam and earn their degree they are now a certified athletic trainer. They keep their certification by meeting the NATABOC requirements this includes meetings, workshops, and yearly renewal of cpr and first-aid requirements. Athletic trainers provide preventative care in order to avoid injuries. They do manual therapy, corrective exercises and utilize modalities when necessary. The same injury on two different people could have two different healing times and potential for complications. A general return to play time after an ACL reconstruction is 6-9 months, but that does not mean that everyone will fall into the same timeline, or…show more content…
When working with them, you get to know the good also by who they are beyond just an athletic student. Many athletic trainers still keep in touch with former students. Many may not feel appreciated, but many coaches, students, and parents let them know on a daily basis, some even get notes, emails, and tweets from many people it is clever and not many other people get that chance. An athletic trainer’s day may change from day to day or even hour to hour. They do so much more than just filling up waters or taping ankles. Anything can happen at any time, so an athletic trainer must prepare for the worst at all times. When the athletic trainer and athlete work with each other on a daily basis they form a relationship that makes the work and treatment more effectively. There are certain characteristics that helps a person be more successful at their profession. In athletic training some of the qualities are flexibility, empathy, patience, creativity, strong decision making skills, and tempered. Also being a good listener and having the ability to react to a situation while maintaining a strong controlled attitude. A struggle that I seen was carrying the big guys off the field, so it must be a good thing to have some strength

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