Reduce Racial Disparity In The Juvenile Justice System

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1. What aspect of the juvenile justice system do you think is most in need of reform? I believe racial disparity is in need the most when it comes to a reform in the juvenile justice system. There a hidden minority problem that the juvenile justice system does not want to take responsibility for. Even through “Young people of color are significantly overrepresented in the justice and foster care systems and among struggling students” (Hess, Page 403). Studies have shown that hiring practices, disparate treatment, culturally competent programming, coordinating with police, and screening instruments, do not indicate that these methods reduce disparity. 2. What should the criteria be for transferring violent juveniles to adult court? The…show more content…
Questions 3-5. Of the nine tenets of A Blueprint for Juvenile Justice reform please discuss the three that you think are most important. 3- Ensure Access To Quality Counsel: Effective assistance of counsel is critically for reducing unneeded detention, stopping transfer of juveniles to adult courts if they hold merit, and prevention of incarceration of young juveniles. Additionally, youth have a certain foundation such as a constitutional right to counsel. An example of this is the U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1967, it was the landmark case of In re Gault. 4- Reduce Racial Disparity: Racial disparity in the juvenile justice system needs to be reform in my opinion. For example, racial disparity is when a certain proportion of a racial or ethnic group who has control of the system, which is greater than the majority of such groups in the general population. In other words, it indicates a hidden minority problem that needs to be recognized and the juvenile justice system must take action to balance the treatment of…show more content…
Both punishment and rehabilitative undermined the other. Rehabilitative is the core of the juvenile justice system, even though many states now have a get tough approach now. While punishment is typically the core of the adult court or criminal court, I believe rehabilitative and punishment pendulum swing should be far from each other in most cases. The juvenile justice system origins was not meant for punishment, but rehabilitative instead, therefore it sends a confusing message if they coexist with each

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