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I want to become an athletic training. Every class that I take in the field of athletic training makes my desires to become an athletic trainer grow even more. Although, along with the knowledge that ever class gives me I gain even more questions and concerns about what it will take to become a successful athletic trainer. There are a lot of aspects in athletic training to become successful in the career field and to organize these aspects will help me understand and achieve what I need to do to become prosperous in the athletic training field. To achieve my goals of being successful in the athletic training field I must incorporate and understand the following aspects; positive and negative aspects of athletic training certifies, barriers…show more content…
One of the most overwhelming factors of what influences someone to become an athletic trainer is their passion for sports (Mensch, Mitchell). This correlation is no surprise because the athletic training field is so centered of sports that if you are to enter the field with no passion for athletics you will find yourself unhappy very quickly. Along those lines, athletic training has a huge emphasis of helping your athletes recover and prevent injuries from happening so because of this you see a lot of athletic training get motivated to join this field due to injuries they have had in the past (Mensch, Mitchell). It is their understanding of their passion for athletic and the devastation of becoming injured that allows them to develop the desire to want to help athletes through the similar struggles they went through. Although, overall the primary thing that attract people to this career is the desire to have a continual relationship with the field of athletic, but also the want to have the feeling of being a part of a team (Mensch, Mitchell). Athletic trainers often develop a very close relationship with all the members of the team and that is a big factor that draws so many people to the field. If you have problems working with teams of people, athletic training would not people the field for you because…show more content…
One common occurrence in people who have newly decided the to pursue a career in athletic training is that they do not understand what the job of athletic training entails (Mensch, Mitchell). When you come into a field not really understanding what you will be doing that can lead to you discovering you do not actually enjoy it and this happens quite frequently with the athletic training major. Another thing that turns people away from the career of athletic training is if their interest shifts away from the things that once drew them to athletic training and may have even lost respect for the field (Mensch, Mitchell). Students who maybe once had their life centered on sports maybe have discovered other areas in which actually interest them more in comparison. There are many things that a person will be exposed to while pursue a career in athletic training, especially in their undergraduate years when it is your first time away from home, that can draw people away from the career. Although this a the two main reason for leaving athletic training "a shift of interest away from athletic training, lack of respect for the athletic training profession, compensation, time commitment, and athletic training as a stepping stone” (Mazerello, Gavin) are all reasons frequently stated by athletic training students who have left the field. The development of the understanding and expectations of the more

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