Dual Immersion Program Analysis

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It was in middle school when I realized that the program I have been in divided me from the rest. Progressing through elementary school, I knew who was in my class and my teacher. My class was separate from other classes; I felt a sense of distinction. The reason why my classes were different? I was part of the Dual Immersion program, an experience I cherish because of how it molded me into the person I am today; someone who appreciates their two cultures. Further, being part of a diverse program made me realize that I want to continue to celebrate and appreciate my two cultures. The dual immersion program exposed me to a culture embedded in my roots, for that I am thankful for it. My elementary school celebrated diverse cultures through…show more content…
Being the dual language program in high school is when I self-identified as Mexican-American and Latina. Growing up I thought my traditions and celebrations were different, they had similarities between American culture and Mexican culture. I did not know whether to consider myself as American or Mexican, I had pale skin and could pass as White, but my last name was a dead giveaway. My traditions and customs fell between, my dad’s side of the family was assimilated to American culture, but my mother’s side celebrated Mexican culture, and most live in Mexico. I had an identity crisis of not knowing if I fell under the category of Mexican or American. My mother, born in Mexico, and father, of Mexican descent, made sure I was in touch with my Latino roots; they would teach me Mexican-American history, and took me and my siblings to Mexico every year. Not having a set identity I felt lost, I understood most of the Mexican culture that was present at my school, through my friends, and American culture from living in the United States. Being part of the Dual Language program helped with my self-identification because most of my peers were in the same shoes as me, having a strong connection to another ethnic group, but not being fully immersed into it; we were in the borderline of two identities trying to find a balance. I celebrate being diverse, bilingual and bicultural. Dual Language opened the doors towards self-revelation on how I identify

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