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Have you ever had a dream or thought about carrying an injured athlete off the field, court or ice? Even having to tape and watch all the athletes while they play their sport, to be there in case one of them is injured? These are all facts about Athletic Trainers. Becoming an Athletic Trainer will be an interesting career, because Athletic Trainers are able to work with high school, college and even professional athletes. It's a job where these trainers can combine their love for sports and for the health care. A lot of information about Athletic Trainers are available on the web and books. But what many people question are how did this all start? In the United States, Athletic Training began in 1881 way before anyone had even given a thought about sports medicine. From stories that have been passed down from generations to generation (Oral Tradition), this is how we got some knowledge on how the Athletic Trainers began. The National Athletic Trainer Association was founded in 1958 in Kansas City. It started when 200 Athletic Trainers gathered to discuss about their profession and the future of it. Headquarters were in Greensville, NC and its now in Dallas, Texas. Now there is over 30,000 active staff and team members. The NATA has many committees working together to advanced the profession.…show more content…
Athletic Trainers are Health Care Professionals who work side by side with Physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, theraputle intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Classroom learning is enhanced through clincical eduaction expereinces. The NATA defines Athletic Trainers as a Health Care Professionals who recognize, prevent and rehabilitate injuries that result in playing sports or other physical activities. They may be part of a complete Health Care Team and work under a physicians

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