How Does Langston Hughes Use Repetition In Theme For English B

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Poetry is a fine art that many writers have attempted, and while many failed, some of those broke through to write some of the most influential pieces of literature in history. One such writer was Langston Hughes. His poem “Theme for English B” has become famous for its theme and writing style. To me the poem symbolizes that all people are equals, regardless of race, religion, location, or any other thing that seems to separate us as a species in these times. The stream of consciousness that the poem is written in also helps readers to quickly grasp all of the underlying meanings of what has been written. Hughes uses a good amount of imagery and repetition throughout the poem to help get across the seriousness he has about such a lackluster subject. Although it may not seem like much at first glance, “Theme for English B” will continue to stand as tribute to those who suffered through this time and also as a beacon of hope if we find ourselves to be in a similar predicament. Poems seem to be like food, as in not every person likes all…show more content…
For example, the “colored page” talked about in line twenty-seven represents the polarity of the two races during this time. He wonders that if he should have a colored page just because he is not white like his professor, just as many African-Americans wondered how different they really were while being persecuted in the 1920s. The repetition of the poem also helps Hughes in his pursuit of justice. He uses words like “white,” “colored,” and “you,” multiple times throughout the work. In doing this, he creates the notion that each race is seen as vastly different, but the gap between hem could be easily bridged if each individual person takes a stand. The repetition of these terms along with the subtle profoundness of the poem help to make it a powerful and moving

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