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There are many unique things about the tundra biome, from its very cold climate to its animals with many adaptations. There are many different plants and animals. Not many people live in the tundra though, if so they might freeze to death sooner or later. Or they will have trouble finding food. But there are plenty of other living things on the tundra. The tundra is located in the far northern and the far southern areas, very far away from the equator. That makes the tundra very cold and dry this makes the tundra a very h. You would think that there would be a lot of precipitation like snow and ice but actually it is the opposite there is very little precipitation. Soil that is frozen covers most of the tundra. When soil is frozen like this it is called permafrost. The tundra has very short summers, and very long winters. In its very short summers, the top layer of soil thaws out, but the bottom does…show more content…
The winter months are the remaining months January through May, and September through December. North of the Arctic Circle the sun does not set, because of their location from the equator. Therefore during the winter the tundra does not receive sun, making it dangerously cold. Vegetation is very scarce in the tundra. The vegetation that is, consists of few mosses, grasses, and dwarf trees. Most of these plants grow in its very short summers. The plants that are dominant there are mostly, bearberry, arctic moss, Caribou moss, Diamond leaf willow, Labrador Tea, and the Pasque Flower. All the vegetation becomes marshy in the summer. The temperatures are still cold even though it is in the summer. There are quite a bit of animals in the tundra, the animals that are seen quite often or are dominant, they include, polar bears, snowy owls, penguins, moose, wolves, rabbits, and different types of sea animals, that can come up on land such as, walruses and sea lions. During the summer is when the insects come out, if

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