Lord Of The Flies Identity Essay

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Often times we see people change, some for the better and some for the worse. There are always celebrities changing their looks or personality. People come back from vacations and the have a whole new outlook on life.I am always perplexed as to how this occurs. Can someone change their identity that they have had their whole lives? Can someone just remodel it completely? Or is it just an act? Why would you want to do that? What is the reason people intentionally change their identity? William Golding’s Lord of the Flies exemplifies identity and how it changes. It serves as a source that could potentially answer why identity changes. Many of the boys undergo transformations of personality. It’s interesting to explore if those transformations…show more content…
The main is something called physiological identity. M. Farouk Radwan specializes in behavior and personality development there are many factors that affect the way a person behaves such as “...past childhood experiences, his birth order, and the way he was raised”. One of the forces that greatly impacts the way people behave are the previously mentioned psychological identities they develop. Physiological identity is his/her’s perception of themselves.. This plays a big part when people make the decision to change it because essentially the person decides how they want to be perceived. Radwan uses the example of his “attractive” friend to get his point across. He explains how he frequently spends his time looking in the mirror because he realizes he is considered an “attractive player”, as Radwan puts it, and that is where his self esteem stems from. He states, “When a person becomes attached to a certain identity he feels more worthy when he moves closer to it and less worthy when he is pushed away from it”. The conclusion could be drawn that people change their personality to get more self-esteem and raise it, and once they change they want to protect that source as well as possible. Farouk points out they might change their behavior in order to protect this newfound physiological

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