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he inspiration for which Edith Wharton had written her books came from her experiences in her earlier life, but her novel Ethan Frome is written from Wharton’s heart. Her experiences between herself and her lovers are greatly represented. The despair and grief in Edith’s love life was the major influence of this novel. She faced trials not many women have the misfortune of experiencing. Wharton was twenty-three was she married her husband, Edward Teddy Wharton who, at the time, was thirty-five years old. This relationship was never based on true love, but instead just a person to spend time with. In 1902, Edward developed a mental illness leaving Edith to suffer and care for him (McDowell 20). Although she may not have known it at the time, Edith Wharton was writing a novel that related extremely close to…show more content…
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the two were separated, but continued to see each other every so often even when Edith and Edward were married. Edith was sure of her love for Berry, but was unsure if Berry shared the same feelings for her (McDowell 21). This is mirrored in Ethan Frome. Ethan is truly in love with Mattie in the beginning, but can not commit to her because he is worried her feelings towards him are not the same. Throughout her marriage, Edith continued to have contact with Berry in the form of letters. These secret letters were Edith’s realization Berry did have strong feelings for her . In Ethan Frome, Mattie leaves Ethan a note, and from this simple not Ethan’s love for Mattie grows immensely stronger. These small, written items give both Edith and Ethan the absolute proof they needed. Edith Wharton’s novel brings out the flaws in human nature. Ethan marries Zenobia because he was fearful of people alone in Starkfield during one of the harsh winters. Edith was fearful she was not enough for Walter Berry, so she moved on to Edward Wharton to avoid

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