Silver Linings Mental Illness

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I picked the movie Silver Linings because I just recently watched it and it opened my eyes to the struggles that people with mental illness face. The characters in this movie suffer from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder was specifically discussed in this movie because after beating the man, Pat, beat the man his wife was having an affair with and was sent to a mental hospital for eight months. He was fully aware that he had bipolar disorder but he only had one incident where he was not able to control it and he was sent to the mental hospital. He did not want to take his medicine inside the hospital or outside the hospital because it made his bloated and he felt like he was in a daze. In the movie Pat has manic episodes. His first manic episode was before he went to the hospital and beat up the man his wife was having an affair with. After that, when he was no longer forced to take his medicine, he had many manic episodes. The first one he had after leaving the hospital was when he finished the book he was reading, decided he didn’t like the ending, yelled at his parents about it, and threw the book out the window at 4 o’clock in the morning.…show more content…
It was obvious that we was trying to control his bipolar disorder without taking his medicine but had manic episodes anyway that caused is parents much stress and pain. His mom loved her son but was terrified of him. She was constantly afraid that he was going to have a manic episode and hurt her. His father who was OCD, would fight with him because he messed things up around the house. But there was one person that just accepted him, Tiffany, who lost her husband as was a 25 year old widow, also had bipolar disorder and they had the strangest relationship ever but they loved each other and helped each other deal with the bipolar

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