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Louis Armstrong was a very talented scat singer; his talented style comes from his unique way of playing the trumpet. Louis Armstrong was born August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Mary Albert and William Armstrong. His father worked as a factory worker and abandoned his family shortly after Louis’ birth; where his mother was forced to turn to prostitution to support their family, leaving Louis with his grandmother quite often. Louis ended up dropping out of school in the fifth grade to start working to be able to help support his family. The Karnofsky’s gave him a job of collecting junk and delivering coal. The Karnofsky’s would invite Louie over often for meals, and they encouraged him to sing! In 1912, on New Year’s Eve, Louis…show more content…
It’s amazing how he plays the trumpet and scat sings in the exact same way; it can be heard how his melodic ideas are similar. An effective tactic Louis uses to gain tension is to sing repeated set of sounds. His singing relates to his trumpet playing with his long held notes reaching higher pitches, and how he ‘rips’ up to the higher notes in both cases, and also sings and plays ‘whiney’ sounds, which adds to the music. Listening Guide: Hotter Than That (New Orleans Style) Louis Armstrong: Cornet and Scat Singing Kid Ory: Trombone Johnny Dodds: Clarinet Lil Hardin: Piano Lonnie Johnson: Guitar Johnny St. Cyr: Banjo Section: Description: Introduction (8 bars) Collective improvisation Chorus 1 (32 bars) Trumpet solo, listen for Armstrong’s ‘burbles,’ ‘rips’ to high notes, and ‘shakes’ on his long notes. Clarinet begins to prepare for solo. Chorus 2 (32 bars) Clarinet solo, using upper register, can hear the piano playing underneath Chorus 3 (32 bars) Scat singing begins, listen for variety of sounds, jagged, smooth, notes that are slid, ‘rips’ to high note, and whining sounds. Can hear the guitar playing ‘bluesy’ improvised Interlude (16…show more content…
The couple adopted Clarence Armstrong at the age of 3, who was the son of Louis’s Cousin Flora. Flora died shortly after Clarence’s birth. Clarence was mentally disabled from a head injury as an infant. (Louis Armstrong, 2015) The marriage consisted of much violence and arguments. Daisy wouldn’t quit prostitution, so the relationship was short-lived. Daisy Parker passed away shortly after the divorce. Louis Armstrong replaced King Oliver in Kid Ory’s band in 1918. Kid Ory’s band was the most popular band in New Orleans at the time. Louis was soon able to quit manual jobs and focus mainly on his music and the cornet. He would play music at parties, dances, funeral marches, and at ‘honky-tonks.” The entire summer of 1919, he would play on river boats with a band led by Fate Marable. Although Louis had intended to stay in New Orleans, he decided to join King Oliver up in Chicago to play with his creole band in 1922. He made is first recordings with King Oliver on April 5, 1923, this was also where he had his first ever recorded solo- Chimes Blues. Louis soon started dating Lillian Hardin, who was a pianist for the band. The two were married in

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