To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Analysis

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To kill a Mocking Bird is one the most praised coming of age books throughout history, it tells an extraordinary tale about the coming of age of two children, Scout and Jem, I will be focusing on Atticus’s son, Jem, and his coming of age moment where he realizes the world can be cruel and unfair during the trial of Tom Robinson. Atticus is Jem and Scout’s father, Atticus is a respectable man with the knowledge and will to do good, Atticus was chosen to represent Mr. Robinson an African American male who wanted nothing more than to help a lady he felt sorry for. Mr. Ewell, a Drunk, Ignorant, Stubborn, immoral jerk who accused Mr. Robinson of raping his daughter Mayella Ewell. Mr. Ewell chose this path not because it was right, but because he despised African Americans and hated the idea of one them being with his daughter, is it possible that he care about the public’s opinion?…show more content…
The trial starts with Mr. Tate the sheriff giving his testimony, followed by Mr. Ewell telling his false testimony, after being questioned by Atticus it is discovered that Mr. Ewell is left handed and that the attacked led with their left. When this happens, Jem shows his false idea of the world by saying “we got him”. After Mr. Ewell’s testimony Mayella gives her testimony that shows her difficult relationship with her father. After Atticus’s final stand the jury deems Tom Robinson Guilty. Jem’s idea of the world is shattered and he becomes
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