Essay On Craig Gilner's Suicide

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After considering suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn bridge, Craig Gilner decided it was time for him to seek help. As he checked himself into a hospital, Craig tells Dr. Mahmoud that he needs immediate help and is eventually admitted for one week into the hospitals psychiatric floor. Not only that but we begin to see Craig's problems and pressures which include school , friendships , and even some parental issues. Throughout his stay he forms close bonds with certain patients, including Bobby and Noelle. Both of which have psychological problems of their own , including Bobby’s 6 suicide attempts and Noelle’s self mutilation. Even though Craig eventually damaged his relationship with Noelle by telling Nia ( His best friend ex ) that he…show more content…
( Word count :250) The psychological disorder of depression and anxiety can take a huge toll on the family and friends of the person going through it. The impact can start with the victims inability to have motivation or loss of interest. This was heavily seen in the movie by Craig’s lost of interest in wanting the summer program, and attempts to conform to his dads expectations ( Its Kind of a Funny Story, 2010). The depression not only affect the relationships with his parents but also his friends. The prior conception of his friendship was that his best friend has stolen the girl of his dreams. Not only that but he placed his friends at higher pedestal than him, which affected their relationship in the long run ( Its Kind of a Funny Story, 2010). As his loss of interested increased his time with his friends decreased and rather than enjoying their company, Craig began to envy his best friend and his life (Its Kind of a Funny Story, 2010). Even after his admittance to the hospital, Craigs relationships were still being affects by his depression and to which included Noelle . The relationship between Noelle and Craig was affected after he shouted I love you to his

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