Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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“It makes sense that College athletes should have money, but the idea of it is a little scary. One thing I’ve thought of would be setting it aside for them after they leave college. To me that would make the most sense, after they’re out of their amateur status” (Henderson, 2014). Athletes are coming straight from high school which means they are still young and are not fully mature yet. This means that college athletes are going to waste their money afterwards or spend it on stupidity. “According to the NCAA, athletic scholarships cover a median $27,923 in costs each year for players at Football Bowl Subdivision (Division 1) Schools. And that doesn’t count complimentary tickets, apparel, and equipment. Most importantly, the best academic support…show more content…
Colleges give athletes exposure to sports, hence why they give top students free scholarships. If colleges were to pay athletes, where would all the money come from? Colleges spend money for all of the athlete’s tuitions with some more additional fees, which would mean they would not be able to give other high school athletes opportunities if they spend their money paying all the players. NCAA Athletes should not be paid due to several disadvantages, like colleges that do not make as much money and them losing money, players would be lazy and will not keep striving for greatness due to being paid already in college, and they are still students in colleges which are not professional athletes. Colleges already provide funding for most of the Athlete’s needs; if they were to pay them they wouldn’t have any money for other things. NCAA Athletes should not be paid since colleges are already spending large amounts of money for each student-athletes scholarship on the team and for also
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