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American Sniper book report American Sniper is the autobiography of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in United States Military history. This is his story of what it is like to be a Navy SEAL. It is a story of sacrifice, determination and dedication. When many people think of war, they think bombs, tanks, guns, blood and death. This book has all of those factors, and so much more. Chris Kyle wrote about what it is like being a SEAL, from basic training all way up to combat, and what it was like returning home after his deployments. Chris had four tours in the latest Iraq war, with 160 confirmed kills. Throughout the book he explains that he doesn’t regret these kills, and they were what was needed in order to make sure no more American soldiers lives were lost. Although he is the most lethal sniper in history, he doesn’t view himself that way. He believes that he was not the best-- he just had more opportunities than others. In this book, he shares his account of what it was like to become and be a Navy SEAL and what that meant for his family. The…show more content…
I think that it is an exceptional account of what people in war go through and all of the effects it has on them. The story really exposes someone to what these men and women really go through day to day when they are fighting for our country. American Sniper also does a very good job at explaining how having a family member fighting in the war really affects the families and what it can do to a family. I also really liked Chris’s honesty in the story. He didn’t hold anything back in order for the reader to get the most realistic view of war. All in all, it was a fast pace story, but there were a couple of sections that were very slow paced and difficult to get through. Overall, I think that this is an interesting story and it exposes the reader to what men and women who are fighting for our country go through on a day-to-day

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