Should Athletes Be Drug Tested Essay

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Drugs are illegal so there should be a stop to drugs everywhere. The main focus is welfare recipients and athletes in high school. Welfare recipients have benefits that should not be abused. They should not use their welfare money to buy drugs, they should use that money to help with pay for their needs not their wants. Athletes in high school should also be drug tested because at a young age they should say no to drugs. Also, playing in a sport they should not be allowed to be on drugs, that could turn into some serious health problems. Some drugs can help the athlete get stronger faster. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Everyone wants to be stronger, faster or more focused than others. But, what some athletes don’t know is those drugs that make…show more content…
For welfare recipients, they are getting a benefit and it should not be used as an easy way out. The money they get should go towards helping themselves get back on their own feet, if welfare recipients turn around and give their welfare money to drugs, it is not fair for the ones that are working hard at their jobs and giving welfare recipients money. In the article, “The GOP’s Drug Test Dragnet” Dupont says, “ anybody who receives a benefit, test ‘em all!” (Macdonald 11). Athletes work hard, they have a lot of conditioning and weight lifting to do. Drugs that make them stronger is not healthy for an athlete. Yes, it may seem fine, you’re getting bigger and faster but, it’s not worth it. Also, many people get addicted to steroids so easily because, they like the way they look, how they are getting stronger. But, steroids actually make you weaker, your lungs get tired easier. It’s not just for the ones that play sports either, any extracurricular in school should be drug testing their team. In the article “The GOP;s Drug Test Dragnet” it mentions, “ drug test any student involved in extracurricular activities, from the football team to the chess club.” (Mcdonalds

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