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Introduction Heinz Field is built in Pittsburgh, Pa and is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Panthers in the NCAA. All of the home games for both of the teams are played at Heinz Field. Where the stadium is built was a key factor into how it was constructed and what all went on at the field. The field also has a great open view of the Pittsburgh skyline and also the Ohio River. The majority of sports fields are built in this area because of the view, because of the city being so close, and because of the three rivers that run and meet together close to the stadiums. Building a new field was very important to the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh because for a number of years they shared Three Rivers Stadium with…show more content…
The only main problem that they ran into during the process was,” There was a minor amount of petrochemical contamination detected during the 1999 assessment; the contaminated soil was cleaned up in accordance with the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection” (Carnegie Mellon). This was the only main issue with the stadium and nothing has really come up since the stadium was built so I guess you can say that the facility is one of the safest in the NFL. Security Security has become more of a requirement and something that has to be kept up with more often since September 11, 2001. The facilities security officers walk around throughout the game of course but they have a long list of things that you can’t bring in to the stadium. A few items are bags, luggage, seat cushions, laser pointers, strollers, signs on poles, noise makers, weapons, and alcoholic beverages (Heinz Field). Of course a couple of these things are kind of self-explanatory that you don’t need to bring them to the facility but everything still has to be laid out because you have people that push the rules.

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