Dog In The Night-Time Individualism

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People with autism often times have difficulty understanding other human beings as it pertains to the interaction between one another. They push back against society in a struggle to be themselves and ultimately be an independent person. In the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon, Temple Grandin by Mick Jackson and Snow Cake by Marc Evans, all three protagonists resist strongly from human interaction until new responsibilities are put on them that forces them to communicate their thoughts, ask questions, and interact with society, as we all must do, eventually finding their true identity and purpose. In the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Christopher investigates a dog’s (Wellington) killing when he stumbles upon the dead dog late at night. Later on, after talking to various…show more content…
Christopher also finds out that his mother never really died of a heart attack, and his father lied to him about the entire thing. He discovers things that he had no idea about until he had to interact with other humans in order to find out who murdered Wellington. In the Temple Grandin movie, she gets her new job working with cattle and to be able to be successful at this job, she needs to communicate with the other workers even though they might think of her as weird or crazy. She also had to fight for approval to write a paper on how the cows have different moos and what those moos mean. In Snow Cake, the car-crash between Alex, Vivienne and the truck driver forces Linda to let Alex into her home as if he were a friend or someone she knew. She’s forced to communicate with him so that Alex can get some kind of closure and apologize to Linda for the death of

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