The Monstrumologist Book Summary

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The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey is a fiction book about a doctor with a strange study, monstrumology. This is a young adult book and the author made this book very scary. There are scenes that are so scary and vivid that if it was a movie it would definitely be rated R. Although this book had many disturbing scenes it is balanced out with captivating characters. The protagonist is a little boy around twelve named Will Henry, an orphan who is an assistant to a strange doctor named Pellinore Warthrop. He is left with the doctor because his father had worked for him until he died in a fire, along with his mother. Will says he does not love the Monstrumologist, yet he won’t leave him. It leaves the reader wondering why Will is so devoted to…show more content…
The Anthropophagi are vicious creatures, who see humans as food and only food. What they do the minister’s family is so gruesome and horrible. The intense scenes have readers wanting to monsters destroyed, but while worrying about Will, the doctor, and their friend’s safety. There are some characters that are just as disturbing as the mosters. In fact, the man the doctor calls to help them hunt the Anthropophagi seems to be a human monster. Although I found Kearns to be a very interesting character. He was very energetic, however he was unpredictable and dangerous. He says in the book “the only mortality is the mortality of this moment.” This proves he is a dangerous man, good for fighting monsters but not if you get in his way of what he wants. Doctor Warthrop is a complicated character. He comes off as an uncaring and haughty at first. Actually, Kearns helps reveal the positive characteristics of the doctor. The doctor cared for Will but was unable to show it as anyone else normally would. His own father never showed compassion or love toward Peliinore Warthrop and how would he be able to show it towards Will. However, it was evident that Will was important to him, his companion and the only person who has cared for the doctor. Their relationship was complex and also it was a little side story to this book. It got the readers engaged in not only the hunt, but also left us wondering how their relationship would pan

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