Alyss In Wonderland

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Alyss? Or Alice? A question Alyss has asked herself multiple times. From struggling in the real world to fighting for her spot for Queen in Wonderland. Alyss once a young girl trapped in a lost city where she knew no one. Changes occur as you know when you grow older in time and age. Alyss had 13 years to change and become uneducated of Wonderland. And then the story begins. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as imaginative, stubborn, and very adventurous. Alyss is an imaginative girl whose mind often gets her in trouble. For example Alyss had said “I wish to be queen” (Beddor 8). Right away her mother’s crown started floating off her head close to Alyss’ before her mother had noticed. Alyss is using her imagination to…show more content…
Alyss fights her way through the fight of just being in Wonderland and not being killed by Redd. An then it began. Alyss being confused about her future is telling us how it will go. “In less than half an hour she would be married to a prince, raised to the highest ranks of society’s esteem without giving her heart to a man she neither dislikes nor loves” (Beddor 199). She is very uncertain about where her life is going in the new world. I think this quotes would means she doesn’t know her fate of her future, and it seems this is how it will go. Now as Alyss is back in Wonderland she must take on the Looking Glass Maze. As Alyss begins the Looking Glass Maze she starts seeing her parents and begins to realize how much she needs them. “I don’t care about any maze or about Redd or the heart crystal. I want us all to be together again! I want my family back” (Beddor 302). I think by this quote Alyss is saying how she really wants her family back and how much she wishes she could see them at least one more time. I also think Redd is making her feel really stressed out about not being able to beat her and not being able to finish the Looking Glass Maze, even though she does it anyway. Then, Alyss is in the middle of fighting Redd while Dodge is fighting the cat. Alyss soons realizes she defeated Redd as she notices Redd and the Cat have jumped into the ball. As the Walrus says “your victory fulfills our deepest hopes for the queendom” (Beddor 349). Alyss and the whole city of Wonderland are very pleased about the win of Alyss defeating Redd. Alyss being surprised she defeated Redd is overjoyed and happy with excitement This quote is telling us how everyone is Wonderland is happy and surprised Alyss could defeat Redd and once again get on the path to
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