My Indian Culture Analysis

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My whole life i have been trying to figure out who i am and where i come from. Why did my family raise me the way they did? I used to always ask myself that question as a little boy. I am Indian, Caucasian and Black. My Family and I do not follow any of the Indian Cultures. My family never bring up to anyone that we are part Cherokee. We do not believe the same things as they do, My family is totally against their Traditions. My whole life i have been looked at as the mixed kid and that is it. My culture is based on religion, family and traditions. Religion is very important it makes up who i am. My whole childhood i raised in the church. My family is split between two religious groups Methodist and Apostolic. I am Apostolic which means most of my family and i live by the bible, by every word in fact. We believe if we accept God as our lord and savior we will make it to heaven. Some girls in my family do not wear pants at all because that is against God. My family is very strict to when it comes to religion. Our Indian Culture is basically erased, we don't talk about it anymore, i have always wondered why. Our religion does not let us listen any music that is not about God. Only Gospel music is accepted. Listening to any other music is…show more content…
Every Holiday our family would come together for a dinner. On Christmas Eve we would stay up to midnight to celebrate the day before Jesus’s birthday. At midnight we would then open gifts. We were always taught that it was better to give than to receive which made lots of sense in my opinion. We have a tradition where we have to call each other at least every other day because anyone could die at any moment. Life is just too short. Family is the only thing you have at the end of the day is what i was taught growing up. “friends come friends go” is what my mother has always told me. Their work to make me a better person has really payed off in a good
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