Mikayla Trevino's Narrative-Fiction Reading Success !

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Mikayla Trevino Fiction Reading Success! I love working at the Google Headquarters in Santa Clara, California. This place is as fun as Disney World. My office is in the shape of a full moon. It always smells like coffee here because Googlers are always busy with their projects. One morning in my office I heard a familiar sound. Zoope! A new letter arrived in my mailbox. It was a white envelope with a shinny U.S. Seal. It was from the White House! The president asked for my help because the U.S. Forces were having trouble reading documents, maps, charts, and blueprints to in order to protect our nation.I never knew how much that letter would change the whole world. I thought this is a good opportunity for me to help other people that suffer from dyslexia like…show more content…
I found an English professor. Dr. Darlene Michener who works at California State University. I needed an audio, video, and reading expert he showed up on my screen as LeVor Burton a producer of the PBS show Reading Rainbow. The last expert is my Uncle Rodrigo Trevino who is an Engineer in the U.S. Forces. He would help with reading maps, and blueprints, to show pilot's where there target is. "Professor you get to do spelling because when I was in 1st grade I couldn't spell the word body, I had to write it 32 times until I got it right. You can also make reading, writing, and grammar easier". The Professor said "sure, thing I will get right on it". "Mr. Burton you can work audio and video. For 14 years my father was trying to pass a carpenter test but always failed because he could not read the books. My mother helped him record the book to an audio recorder". The Producer said "sure, I can do that right now". My Uncle asked "Can I do maps because I couldn't read where the targets were?" I was in charge of designing it, and teaching teens and adults of the careers. Our app was finally

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